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En av våra bästsäljare! En skön hoodie som fungerar året runt. Mellanlager i merinoull som reglerar temperaturen och håller dig varm när det är kallt men komfortabel i varmare klimat.

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Ashmei Merino Stretch Hoodie

Ashmei storleksguide
Ashmei storleksguide

A stylish running sweatshirt you’ll want to wear everyday

Layering your garments is key to keeping warm and getting the most from your winter run. If you wear too few layers you will feel cold, uncomfortable and your muscles won’t perform, resulting in a miserable run or worse a poor result in your race. Too many layers or the wrong materials will result in you getting too warm which is just as bad, resulting in your body having to sweat more to keep cool, soaking your gear and making you feel clammy. The Men’s Merino Wool Running Sweatshirt uses a bespoke merino mix material developed to keep you comfortable in all conditions from Autumn through to spring.

We use as much superfine merino as possible as this is the ONLY yarn to warm you when it’s freezing but then helps to cool you when you get warm. Most people think, “WARM” when you mention wool, but remember, sheep have to live with their fleece 12 months of the year and therefore adapt to the changing climate. You never see a merino sheep panting or shivering…..

Our Running Sweatshirt is made from a bespoke material we developed so you can wear this piece comfortably from autumn through to spring, with superfine merino wool spun so it sits against your base layer or skin, helping to regulate your body temperature and wick any moisture from the inside to the outside. The material has nylon spun on the outside for durability and fast drying with some stretch mixed in for comfort and no restriction of movement.

It’s a great 3-season piece that can be worn under jackets, over jerseys and vest or simply by itself depending on the weather. It’s also a great casual piece you can wear après run or as part of you daily wardrobe. We live in ours!

The style has a full zip and a “Ninja” hood that fits snug around the head so its really works as a hood and does not blow off in the wind or when you get a pace on. Because the hood is so compact you don’t notice it when its down and if you want you can roll this up and retain this with the hood retainer to create a small soft collar which adds some nice warmth around the back of the neck. We incorporated our NEW 3 in 1 winter cuff that includes thumb loops and a hidden mitt that completely covers your hands if conditions get really cold. It has zipped storage for your mp3 player or phone, keys and gels and some reflective detail for running at night.

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