Ashmei Trail Short löparsocka

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Ankelhöga löparstrumpor i en blandning av merinoull och carbon som gör att strumporna transporterar fukt effektivt och torkar snabbt.

Stoppning runt foten som ger en strumpa som passar perfekt för Trail Running.



Running socks that stop blisters and keep feet cool

Running socks should keep your feet cool and stop blisters, SIMPLE. That was our goal when we developed our trail sock and we knew we had to use merino wool if we wanted to stop blisters. Synthetic (man made fibres) simply heat you up and therefore eventually cause hot spots and blisters. Merino wool on the other hand regulates temperature so if its a freezing winters day it will warm your feet up but then cool them once you have got going. Merino wool is also the perfect fibre for summer running as it really cools your feet.

Keeping the temperature of your feet cool stops them sweating so much and therefore your feet stay dry. We blended carbon to the merino wool to help speed up the drying and wicking properties of these running socks too.

The result is a running sock that has a luxury, soft hand feel and feel great putting them on as they do running in them. You never feel the cold or sweat n them in extreme heat.

The other benefit of merino wool is that it hates bacteria that cause those nasty smells that synthetic fibres hold onto. This means that your socks wont stink and you can actually wear them for days of running at a time without needing to wash them.

When we started to design our Trail sock, we worked out what a cushioned sock needs to have to become the “Best trail sock” ever and these include-:

1.    Non Slip

2.    No Blisters

3.    Temperature Regulation

4.    Fast Wicking and Drying

5.    Comfort and cushioning

6.    Easy Care

7.    No Stink

Well there you go. That’s why the ashmei Trail Running Socks are so special. They have been in development for nearly two years and have been tested by ultra runners for several hundred miles until we got it 100% right. They also won BEST running sock as voted for by Men’s  & Women’s Running magazine.

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