Ashmei Buff

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En hals/nack värmare i merinoull och carbon som reglerar temperaturen effektivt. Ashmei Buff håller dig varm när det är kallt men håller dig sval och ger skydd mot solen.

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The benefits of the merino wool neck gaiter ideal for 4 season running

An ultra lightweight merino wool neck gaiter that wicks moisture, dries fast and regulates temperature providing protection from cold conditions but also the heat when running in the sun.

The ashmei merino+carbon neck gaiter uses a fine knit construction to help provide windproof protection. Our bespoke MERINO+CARBON mixed fabric provides luxurious next to skin feel along with the natural temperature regulation of merino wool and faster wicking and drying of carbon. A sublime combination.

The merino wool neck gaiter uses an ashmei developed fabric, as we knew the performance 100% merino could be improved. We wanted a fabric that regulated temperature while allowing the fabric to wick and dry as fast as performance synthetics. We therefore blended carbon to the merino wool to speed up the drying of the superb merino and the end result is a fabric that transports and evaporates moisture as fast as synthetics but also retains the benefits of merino wool.

The merino wool neck gaiter gives more than most, being 51cm in length it can be layered over itself many times to create a tube as thick as you need it to be and can be worn in several different ways including as a neckerchief, headband, balaclava, bandana, beanie or simply a scarf.?


Did you know, merino wool is the only fabric that regulates body temperature. Merino wool hates bacteria (being anti-microbial) so is anti-stink, in fact you could wear your merino wool neck gaiter for weeks without needing to wash it and it still wouldn’t smell. It’s also has some ecological benefits over synthetics being that it is 100% sustainable and biodegradable and because it smells less you can wash this at cooler temperatures without special chemical soaps.

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