Ashmei Road Short löparsocka – 3-pack

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Available in 3 pack or singles. ashmei Merino Wool + Activated Carbon road running sock dries and wicks really fast and is also thermo regulating, keeping your feet cool when its warm and warm when its cold.

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Luxury Running Socks that keep your feet sweat free and stop blisters

Your probably thinking, Hmmm, what’s going to be so special about their running socks, but you know we do  things slightly differently at ashmei and only develop running products that will make a BIG difference to the performance of running apparel and we have made some massive improvements to the performance of typical running socks. In fact, our socks are far from typical as the material we use is a unique bespoke fibre we have developed to endure your comfort.

We started with a blank page and worked out what a runner really needs form a sock-:

1.    Non Slip

2.    No Blisters

3.    Temperature Regulation

4.    Fast Wicking and Drying

5.    Comfort

6.    Easy Care

7.    No Stink

We realised the major influence to the comfort of these running socks was down to the fibre mix and therefore we went about developing our own blend on superfine merino wool and carbon to produce a fibre that wicks, dries and regulates foots temperature so that you stay cool, even in really warm climates. This heat regulation stops your foot overheating and therefore sweating, keeping your feet drier and more comfortable. Keeping your feet cool also stops hot spots which cause blisters.

We hand link the toe seam to produce a totally flat seam across the toe box to eliminate blisters and we have added some elastic around the arch and heel to prevent the sock slipping into the shoe, again a major cause of blisters. The left and right sock have been tailored to the shape of each foot and we have added additional ventilation to the top of the foot and a small tab on the top of the rear ankle to pull the sock on and protect your ankle from shoes that have a higher back.

Merino wool hates bacteria that cause those nasty smells synthetic socks generate which results in very easy care, simply cool wash these with normal detergent and no need to use special chemical soaps. Merino wool is also very friendly to the planet, being sustainable, renewable and biodegradable.

So there you have it, a sock that won “GOLD” as voted by Men’s running magazine because these running socks keep your feet dry from sweat, comfortable in heat, wet or freezing conditions and feel amazing.

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34-36, 37-39, 40-42, 43-45, 46-49


Svart, Röd, Vit, 3-pack (svart/Röd/Vit)


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