Ashmei Road Mid löparsocka – 3-pack

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Available in 3 pack and singles. Our Merino Wool + Activated Carbon road running sock that dries and wicks really fast and is also thermo regulating, keeping your feet cool when its warm and warm when its cold.

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How we developed the world’s finest running sock

Blisters and runners often go hand in hand. We knew we could end this by developing a running sock that keep your feet cool in every weather condition or climate and started the process of development with a blank page.

We selected yarns that we knew would outperform the competition and provide heat regulation, keeping your feet warm when it’s freezing but cool in hot climates or less breathable shoes. There is only one yarn capable of achieving this and that’s superfine merino wool from Australia. We blended this merino wool with carbon to increase the ability to wick and dry super fast, keeping your feet dry from sweat.

We then milled this mixed yarns to our own specification to produce a soft and luxurious running sock but still be durable for miles and miles of running.

Using merino wool has some other benefits such as being naturally antimicrobial which stops your socks smelling like cheaper synthetic running socks. It’s also very friendly to the planet being sustainable, renewable and biodegradable and because it hates the bacteria that cause those nasty smells, you can cool wash these running socks without the need for special chemical soaps. In fact, you could wear these socks for several runs without even washing them and nobody would ever know.

Once we were happy with the fibres we started to build features into the sock that would also help prevent blisters, such as the hand linked toe seam, eliminating the hard ridge across the toe box and adding elastic around the arch and heel to stop the sock slipping down into the shoe.

We then added some ventilation to the top of the foot and tailored the shape to fit each foot individually.

Colours-:White, Red, Black

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34-36, 37-39, 40-42, 43-45, 46-49


Svart, Röd, Vit, 3-pack (svart/Röd/Vit)


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